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Stopping for A Chat at the Golf Course, 1950-51

Golf was another popular spring and fall sport. On the nine-hole course with some clubs and a few balls, an afternoon of fun and relaxation was ahead. Under the leadership of Miss Buccalo, the golf club met several times a week when the girls…


Women's Athletic Association, 1974-1975

This group photo of the Women's Athletic Association had members posing with Dr. Maria Sexton outside the Physical Education Association. Among this group were future W Association Hall of Fame inductees Alpha Alexander, Brenda Meese, and Maria…


Women's Athletic Board, 1919-1920

This is a photo of the Women's Athletic Board. It features Frances Dillon (1922), Estella Jackson (1920), Fannie Wright (1920), Sarah Barlow (1920), Elizabeth Morrow (1920), Miss Ruth Conrow (Director of Physical Education) and Ruth Whittlesey…


Proposed Cabin at Funk's Hollow, 1929-1930

"Through the combined efforts of the Athletic Department of the College and the Trustees, the Women's Department has been offered the use of a beautiful spot of ground five miles from the city limits, called Funk's Hollow. Girls are raising money by…


W.A.A. Board, 1934-35

This is a photo of W.A.A. Board, 1934-35. Thirteen women with skis, sleds, and skates were gathered in two rows on the snow. Top: Clark, Roberts, J. Miller, Dodez, Graff, P. Baillie, Siegfried. Kneeling or sitting: Startzman, Cady, Lantz, Ciltman, A.…

The Women's Sports Association Cabin, 1936-37

The Women's Sports Association Cabin, 1936-37

The photo above is of the Women's Sports Association Cabin during the winter, with several women outside near the wood pile. The cabin had a large chimney and three windows on the side. There was a door at the end and another window. The windows had…


Women Putting on the Number Nine Green, 1949-50

In the image above is Barbara Hough, Molly Webster, and Lucy Atkinson watched as Barbara Langdon put on the number nine green. This was a W.A.A. sponsored activity. The archery range, tennis courts, golf course, and hockey fields were popular in the…


Co-ed Badminton a Popular Activity, 1950-51

Soon after the last basketball had swished the bucket, badminton season got under way in the gym. Both men and women played for fun and relaxation, and a tournament was planned for the end of the season. A timeout was taken here while Dough Black,…


Unlike Men's Sports, Girl's [sic] Sports Still Active, 1943-44

The letter writes, “Back from Spring vacation and we are on the last lap. The girls' athletics have been quite prominent on campus this year—usual hikes to the cabin, intramurals in swimming, basketball, and volleyball plus an all-star game with Lake…