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W.A.A. Board and Members, 1945-1946

This is a photo of W.A.A. Board and Members for 1945-1946. W.A.A. oversaw all intramural and recreational sports opportunity for women during this era. This photo was under the section of the Physical Education Department, which was divided into…


The Big Six, 1924-1925

The image is captioned 'The Big Six', from the academic year of 1924-25. President: Eileen Campbell; Secretary- Margaret McCusky; Hockey- Eileen Campbell; Hiking- Lilian Marston; Swimming- Leah Hart; Basketball- Grace Moyer; Track- Clara Wager;…


Women's Athletic Board, 1921-1922

This is a photograph of the Women's Athletic board. The members included Ruth Huie, Catherine Parsons, Kathleen Lowrie, Miriam Dickason, Elizabeth Lehman, Mercy Townsend, Jeanne Castner and Gladys Ferguson. All women were shown wearing dark sailor…