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Alpha Alexander Crashes in for a Shot, 1974

This is a photo of Alpha Alexander (#24) crashing the lane. Teammate Cheryl Conway (#12) can also be seen in the background. Alexander went on to win many awards for her work with women's sports after graduating from Wooster. Among them was the NCAA…


Miller Sprawls to Save the Ball, 1989-1990

In the photograph, Lynette Miller falls to the floor in an effort to save the ball. Miller was on the floor, appearing to do a one-handed dig. A teammate on the court was focused on the ball. Her uniform included a long sleeved shirt and shorts. The…


LaWanda Crawl Goes In For the Shot, 1989-1990

The image depicts, Senior LaWanda Crawl making a shot that, brought her points to make the record to an impressive 304 for that season. Crawl, a First Team NCAC selection, was reaching up with the ball. Tammy Berger (#35) can be seen looking on from…


NCAC Volleyball Champions, 1984-1985

This photo features the 1984 Volleyball Team, NCAC Champions. No identifying names were listed under the photo. Players were identified by their teammates. Front Row: Tammy Allen (#6), Dawn Lightel (#3), Melissa Whitbey (#11), Karen Light (#10),…


Annie Baird Bumps Ball, Volleyball, 1972-73

The picture features, junior Annie Baird was bumping the volleyball. This was one of three photos on two pages for the 1972 Women's Volleyball team.The caption on the page was:"Volleyball: A game, usually played in a gymnasium, the object of which is…


Volleyball Team Gathers Around Coach Hunt During Practice, 1973

This image depicts the varsity volleyball team gathered around Coach Virginia Hunt during a practice in the fall of 1973. Identified from left to right are: Janice Wong, Coach Ginny Hunt, Alpha Alexander, Meg Meeker, Judy Donaldson [hidden], Cindy…


Coach Nan Nichols Huddles with Players, 1983-84

The image above is the head basketball coach Nan Nichols huddling with players on the sideline. The uniforms were comprised of shorts, long socks, v-necked jersey with a number on the front. Nichols was also the administrative head at the time.