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NCAC Volleyball Champions, 1984-1985

This photo features the 1984 Volleyball Team, NCAC Champions. No identifying names were listed under the photo. Players were identified by their teammates. Front Row: Tammy Allen (#6), Dawn Lightel (#3), Melissa Whitbey (#11), Karen Light (#10),…


Women's Cross Country Team, 1980-1981

The picture features the Team Photo of the Women's Cross Country Team in the academic year of 1980-81. The individuals in the photo were seen wearing practice clothing: t-shirts and shorts. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.


First Varsity Field Hockey Team, 1965-1966

This is a photo of the first varsity field hockey team in the fall of 1965, with Coach Ginny Hunt on the far right in the back row. The players were wearing tunics with long sleeve shirts and plaid cloth belts. The caption lists the names of all of…


Women's Varsity Basketball Team Photo, 1966

This is an image of the second women's varsity basketball team at Wooster in 1965-66. The women's season was in the winter of 1966, and Nan Nichols (top row, second from the right) served as the first head coach. The women are in uniforms with…