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Hockey Class Teams & Managers, 1921-22

The Hockey Page shows the four Class Hockey Teams & Managers. Three classes were sitting on the steps of Severance Gymnasium, while the fourth appears to be in front of a Board wall. The Seniors can be seen wearing sweaters with their year (1922) in…


Senior Honorary Awards, 1940-41

In the academic year of 1940-41, the Senior Honorary Awards went to Margie Ellis (left) and Alfie Gabriel. This was the highest honor a girl can receive in the women's athletic department. The awards were made on the basis of participation in sports,…


Orchesis Performing, 1949-50

Orchesis, the modern dance honorary, was organized for aspiring “Martha Grahams.” In March, the 40 members presented a recital with a holiday theme. Membership was made by election following tryouts. Experience may be gained in the apprentice group.…


Drawing of Proposed New Gymnasium, 1906

The image above is an iIllustration of the newly proposed gymnasium at the time. This appears to be a drawing of what Severance Gymnasium would look like. Note the four castle-like structures on the corners, and the entrance on the end of the…


Louis H. Severance, Trustee

This is a photo of Mr. Louis H. Severance. The photo was accompanied with a poem-In Loving Memory. The photo was found in between p. 6 & 7. He was a trustee from NY, and the president of Board of Trustees when he died June 25, 1913. Severance…


Aerial Photo of Severance Gymnasium, 1941-42

The photograph is an aerial view of severance gymnasium. Severance Gymnasium was the seat of Wooster's physical education and athletic program. The administrative head at the time was Kathleen Lowrie.


Severance Gymnasium in the Snow, 1954-55

This is a photo of Severance Gymnasium in the snow in 1954-55. It is now Ebert Hall which is an art building. The administrative head at the time was Maria Sexton.


Girls' Sports Emphasize the Fun in Keeping Trim, 1953-1954

The Girls' Athletics:"Girls' Sports Emphasize the Fun in Keeping Trim." The Intramural sports program offered a variety of activities from fall through spring, designed to suit every girl's taste. Team sports represented were hockey, volleyball,…


Interior View of New Gymnasium, 1911-12

The photograph depicts the interior view of new L.H.Severance Gymnasium. The Gym was modeled after the Smith College Gymnasium, which was common at this time. It had an interior track above a basketball court. Ropes, bucks, and exercise bars can be…


Co-ed Badminton a Popular Activity, 1950-51

Soon after the last basketball had swished the bucket, badminton season got under way in the gym. Both men and women played for fun and relaxation, and a tournament was planned for the end of the season. A timeout was taken here while Dough Black,…