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"Mary Jane" Tennis, 1931-32

The photo above is of Mary Jane Paumier, Tennis Champion in 1931-32. The photo collage detail was “Mary Jane”. This photo is part of a seven photo collage found on page 208. She is seen wearing a polka-dot dress with a vest of some sort, and she is…


Kappa Alpha Theta, 1891-1892

The image above is of the Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta for women sixteen pictured. It was founded in 1875 in Wooster. The first photo of the fraternities in Index. Women appear gathered around a central figure in the photo. Four of these…


Detail: Drawing of girls basketball exhibition- March 20, 1903

The image above is a detail of illustration from 1902-1903 calendar of a girl's exhibition basketball game between Hoover Cottage and the Wooster Girls. The drawing shows seven women wearing sailor style tops with scarfs and skirts to just above…


Class Managers, 1928-1929

Class Managers were the necessary instruments in arranging games, getting the teams out to practice, keeping the points for the team, and deciding with the aid of the coaches who shall participate in contests. There were Class Managers for Hockey,…


W.R.A. Cabin, 1957-58

This was the Women's Recreation Association Cabin from 1957-58. The photo shows an outside view of the cabin with the windows open. It appears to be on blocks above the ground and also on a flat area at the base of a hill. This cabin became a popular…


Women Participating in Archery, 1957-1958

The image features a group of women participating in archery. They were all in a line with their bows, and their arrow quivers were stuck in the ground near their feet. This was a recreational activity sponsored by W.R.A. The W.R.A. (Women's…


The WC Girls, 1919-1920

This photograph is of six WC Girls, wearing their WC letter sweaters. Their names were not listed. These women had earned their WC through participation in Women's Athletic Board activities. The emphasis for the women was on participation and…


Orchesis Performing, 1949-50

Orchesis, the modern dance honorary, was organized for aspiring “Martha Grahams.” In March, the 40 members presented a recital with a holiday theme. Membership was made by election following tryouts. Experience may be gained in the apprentice group.…


Women's Athletics Association, 1988 - 1989

The image above shows, the Women's Athletics Association, of the academic year 1988 - 1989. The purpose of the Women’s Athletic Association (W.A.A.) was to support all women athletes on campus. W.A.A. had their support to include the intramural…


Four Women on Golf Course at Country Club, 1914-1915

This photo features four women on a golf course between two greens. The flags for the two holes were visible. The college power plant, the Gymnasium, and Kauke can be seen in the background above, on the hill. This appears to be at the location for…