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Betty_Title_Focuses_on_the_Catch_198485 (1).jpg

Betty Title Focuses on the Catch, 1984-85

In the image above of Betty Title (#21) focuses in on the catch. "Betty Title, with 40 goals and 16 assists led Wooster to an 8-6 record overall and a 5-3 slate in the North Coast Athletic Conference." The title will later become an All-American…


Women's Lacrosse Team Photo, 1974-1975

The image above is a team photo of Women's Lacrosse 1974-1975. Top, left: Liza Ukena, Marjo Forbush [HOF], Joann Olson [HOF], Betsy Bruce, Dale Kennedy, Unknown , Betsy White [HOF], Andrea Steenberg. Row 3:Unknown,Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Jo…


Coach Robin Chambers Talks with Joanne Olson, 1975-76

The image above depicts field hockey Coach Robin Chambers talking with Senior Joanne Olson during the 1975 season. Olson later was selected to the HOF for her play in both field hockey and lacrosse. Coach Chambers is wearing slacks with a vest on top…


Alpha Alexander Spikes at the Net, 1974-1975

This action shot shows Alpha Alexander [HOF] just after she had spiked the ball over the net. Cindy Sprau No. 18 was set to defend, preparing for the next play. The opponents on the other side of the net were attempting to block the spike. This photo…


Field Hockey Team, 1975-1976

This picture is a team photo of the 1975 Field Hockey Team. This team participated in the very first National Championship in Field Hockey, which was sponsored by the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women and the United States Field…


Christy Evans Drives on Opponent, 1989-1990

Christy Evans is depicted driving on a Case Western Reserve University player. Evans was in the W Association Hall of Fame. She had a twin sister who played at Ohio Wesleyan University. Evans is seen wearing a short sleeved jersey, and shorts. The…


Donna Beck Prepares to Shoot, 1970-1971

This is an image of the Women's Basketball, 1970-71. It depicts Donna Beck preparing to shoot. Beck was a four-sports athlete at Wooster, lettering in basketball, volleyball, field hockey and lacrosse. She was in the 'W' Association HOF. Beck was…


Women's Tennis Team State Champs, 1977-1978

This image depicts an article captioned "Women's Tennis Team State Champs." The photo was of the 1978 Women's Tennis Team. Kneeling from the left are: Nina Gordon, Audi Wynn, and Loraine Wilder. Standing are: Coach Maria Sexton, Fran Kielbowicz, Pam…


LaWanda Crawl Goes In For the Shot, 1989-1990

The image depicts, Senior LaWanda Crawl making a shot that, brought her points to make the record to an impressive 304 for that season. Crawl, a First Team NCAC selection, was reaching up with the ball. Tammy Berger (#35) can be seen looking on from…


Moorefield Blows Past Opponent, 1993-1994

Wooster’s Top female runner Emily Moorefield (199) , is seen blowing past an opponent. It is a great action photo of All-American Emily Moorefield. She was a member of the W Association Hall of Fame. Her uniform includes a singlet, shorts, and…