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Liz Conrad Heads to the Goal, 1993 - 1994

The image above is captioned "Driving toward the goal, Liz Conrad prepares to shoot. " Conrad is seen with the ball, had blown by an opponent as she heads to the goal cage. The women were dressed in a long-sleeved jersey, undershirt, leggings, and…

Betty_Title_Focuses_on_the_Catch_198485 (1).jpg

Betty Title Focuses on the Catch, 1984-85

In the image above of Betty Title (#21) focuses in on the catch. "Betty Title, with 40 goals and 16 assists led Wooster to an 8-6 record overall and a 5-3 slate in the North Coast Athletic Conference." The title will later become an All-American…


Carrie Zuro Digs In, 1995 - 1996

The image above Carrie Zuro is seen digging in. Mariama White (#15) and #11 Jenny Schroeder were waiting their turn. Zuro is digging the volleyball during a warm-up for a game. The women were wearing jerseys, shorts, and knee pads. The administrative…


Christy Evans Drives on Opponent, 1989-1990

Christy Evans is depicted driving on a Case Western Reserve University player. Evans was in the W Association Hall of Fame. She had a twin sister who played at Ohio Wesleyan University. Evans is seen wearing a short sleeved jersey, and shorts. The…


Shirley Fry Demonstrates a Return Shot, 1951-52

The photo depicts Shirley Fry, runner-up in the National Women's Amateur Tennis Tournament, demonstrating a return shot. Miss Fry, who lived in Akron, came for a tennis clinic sponsored by the WAA board. This photo is in a section titled: " 'The…


Kristen Patton Serving, 1987-88

The photo shows Kristen Patton putting the ball into play. She was seen wearing a light shirt and a tennis skirt. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.


Sharks Form a Star, 1949-50

In the picture above is of the members of the Shark Club, who worked out a star formation in preparation for the Shark's Review. The Shark Club required more than average skill of its members. The crawl, side, back, and breast stokes were tested and…


Field Hockey Beats Mount Union 2-1, 1950

This is a photo of Field Hockey. The climax of the field hockey season was the game over Mount Union's team on Dad's Day. Despite November winds over the golf course and flurries of snow on the field, both teams played an aggressive and exciting…


Wooster Field Hockey Tackles An Opponent, 1966

This is an action photo of the Wooster women's undefeated field hockey team as they take on an opponent on Wagner Field. You can see the golf house and a team bus in the background. Both teams were in tunics, so it is hard to identify who is who.…


Alpha Alexander Crashes in for a Shot, 1974

This is a photo of Alpha Alexander (#24) crashing the lane. Teammate Cheryl Conway (#12) can also be seen in the background. Alexander went on to win many awards for her work with women's sports after graduating from Wooster. Among them was the NCAA…