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Christy Evans Drives on Opponent, 1989-1990

Christy Evans is depicted driving on a Case Western Reserve University player. Evans was in the W Association Hall of Fame. She had a twin sister who played at Ohio Wesleyan University. Evans is seen wearing a short sleeved jersey, and shorts. The…


Aimee Zedlitz (#34) Maneuvers Through Opponents, 1989-1990

In the image above, Aimee Zedlitz is seen maneuvering through her opponents in an effort to move the ball down the field. Zedlitz (#34) was on the right. She was one of the all-time best scorers in the program, but only played two years before…


Aquascots Score Big, 1989-1990

Lady Scot is seen in the image, diving into the water on the way to another Scot triumph. The woman was still coiled as she prepares to dive into the pool. She had a swim cap on that says College of Wooster. Her uniform was a swimsuit. The…


Miller Sprawls to Save the Ball, 1989-1990

In the photograph, Lynette Miller falls to the floor in an effort to save the ball. Miller was on the floor, appearing to do a one-handed dig. A teammate on the court was focused on the ball. Her uniform included a long sleeved shirt and shorts. The…


LaWanda Crawl Goes In For the Shot, 1989-1990

The image depicts, Senior LaWanda Crawl making a shot that, brought her points to make the record to an impressive 304 for that season. Crawl, a First Team NCAC selection, was reaching up with the ball. Tammy Berger (#35) can be seen looking on from…


Moorefield Blows Past Opponent, 1993-1994

Wooster’s Top female runner Emily Moorefield (199) , is seen blowing past an opponent. It is a great action photo of All-American Emily Moorefield. She was a member of the W Association Hall of Fame. Her uniform includes a singlet, shorts, and…


Ice Hockey Club Team, 1998-1999

The image is of the Wooster Ice Hockey Club Team 1989-99. This was the year, a group of students concerned with having an overabundance of teeth and unbroken bones had formed the Wooster Ice Hockey Club. Christian Hunter, a sophomore, captained the…


Talley Clyde Gets Ready to Take a Free Kick, 1998-1999

Talley Clyde (#5) in the photo, is seen getting ready to take a free kick after her team was fouled. Clyde was in full wind-up for the kick with her leg extended high behind her, her right foot planted, and her arms out to the side for balance. This…