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Melinda Weaver, Field Hockey Action Shot 1971

The picture is a field hockey action shot of freshman Melinda Weaver going to the ball. The opponents were wearing tunics, while Wooster players are in kilts. Weaver, class of 1975, was in the "W" Association Hall of Fame for her outstanding career…


Donna Beck Prepares to Shoot, 1970-1971

This is an image of the Women's Basketball, 1970-71. It depicts Donna Beck preparing to shoot. Beck was a four-sports athlete at Wooster, lettering in basketball, volleyball, field hockey and lacrosse. She was in the 'W' Association HOF. Beck was…


Women's Tennis Team State Champs, 1977-1978

This image depicts an article captioned "Women's Tennis Team State Champs." The photo was of the 1978 Women's Tennis Team. Kneeling from the left are: Nina Gordon, Audi Wynn, and Loraine Wilder. Standing are: Coach Maria Sexton, Fran Kielbowicz, Pam…


View of Pool During a Women's Swim Meet, 1975-1976

This is a view of Timken Pool during a women's swim meet in 1975-76. The teams can be seen sitting along the bench area along the deck. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.


Marti Keiser Takes a Shot on Goal, 1975-1976

This is a photo of Field Hockey player Marti Keiser taking a shot at the goal during the Fall of 1975. Her uniform consisted of a white crewed neck jersey, McLeod plaid kilt, long socks and soccer cleats. The administrative head at the time was Nan…


Alpha Alexander Crashes in for a Shot, 1974

This is a photo of Alpha Alexander (#24) crashing the lane. Teammate Cheryl Conway (#12) can also be seen in the background. Alexander went on to win many awards for her work with women's sports after graduating from Wooster. Among them was the NCAA…


Alison Hitchcock in the Pool, 1974-75

The photo features a swimmer Alison Hitchcock (in water) standing at the end of the pool as Dale Kennedy leaning down toward her from the deck. Wooster swimmers in striped suits can be seen in the pool and on the deck. The girls wore striped swimming…


Annie Baird Bumps Ball, Volleyball, 1972-73

The picture features, junior Annie Baird was bumping the volleyball. This was one of three photos on two pages for the 1972 Women's Volleyball team.The caption on the page was:"Volleyball: A game, usually played in a gymnasium, the object of which is…


First Varsity Tennis Team for Women, 1970-1971

This is a photo of Wooster's First Women's Varsity Tennis Team. From left to right, the players were: Liz Pease, Peggy Brooks, Pat Vittum, Ann Singleton, Diana Wescott, Judy Donaldson, and Becky McNeese. Playing for the first year as a varsity sport,…


Women's Club Lacrosse Team, 1970-71

This is a team shot of the 1971 Women's Lacrosse Club. There were thirteen members shown in this photo. First Row: Marion Mason, Francie Rendall, Unidentified, Unidentified, Lynn Beggs, Unidentified. Second Row: Penny Stalter, Unidentified,…