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Field Hockey, 1934-35

The photo collage detail is of the field hockey team, 1934-35. Ten women were standing on the steps of Severance Gymnasium holding their sticks and wearing two piece gym suites. The people on the top row were Abbott, Gillam, Clark, Bannan, March.…


Gorton Dribbles Down the Field, 1931-32

The image above is captioned “Gorton Dribble Down the Field.” The image is a rare action photo of women's field hockey. Katherine Gorton was a member of the Women's Athletic Association board and the manager for swimming. This photo was one of seven…


Varsity Basketball, 1934-35

The photo collage detail above is of the varsity basketball of the academic 1934-45. The Honorary Varsity team was chosen from the upper-class women who were members of the class basketball teams. Seven women are shown standing in two rows. Viola…


Black and Gold Basketball Teams, 1929-1930

The image above is of the Black and Gold Basketball Teams. From the three upper classes, at the close of the basketball season, two teams of the outstanding players were chosen, known as the Black and Gold. A game, which affords plenty of excitement,…


Class Managers, 1928-1929

Class Managers were the necessary instruments in arranging games, getting the teams out to practice, keeping the points for the team, and deciding with the aid of the coaches who shall participate in contests. There were Class Managers for Hockey,…


Golf Club, 1937-1938

The women in the Golf Club were Eva Shorb, Dotty Miller, Delmar Tooker, Ruth Hazeltine, Jeanne Simmonds, Pat Kelley, Virginia Blair, Ruth Wyllie, Harriet McGillivry, Marcia Main, and Carol Tornebaum. One of the women in the golf club, Eva Shorb, was…


Tennis, Deck Tennis, and Archery Champions, 1930-31

This photo shows Individual Sport Champions of Tennis, Deck Tennis, and Archery. The tennis champion was Katharine Gorton, the champions for Deck Tennis were Ruth and Mildred Creighton, and the archery champion was Josephine Guss. Tennis was a very…


Tennis Champion: Mary Alice Lehman, 1928-1929

The image above features the tennis champion of the academic year 1928-1929. Tennis in Wooster was one of the most popular sports. Tennis tournaments were held both in the fall and in the spring. Tennis was not an inter-class affair, which allowed a…


W.S.A. Executive Board in W.S.A. Cabin, 1936-37

The six women, in the photograph, were gathered around a burning fire in a large fireplace in the cabin. Candles and oil lamp can be seen to light the interior, as well as natural light from windows. The name change to W.S.A. had only lasted a year…


Old Gymnasium and Power Plant, 1929-1930

This photo shows the old Gymnasium with the power plant and a water tower behind it. This Gymnasium was replaced by Severance Gymnasium in 1912 and had been used as a maintenance building and for storage. The administrative head at the time was…