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Drawing of Proposed New Gymnasium, 1906

The image above is an iIllustration of the newly proposed gymnasium at the time. This appears to be a drawing of what Severance Gymnasium would look like. Note the four castle-like structures on the corners, and the entrance on the end of the…


Diagram for Severance Athletic Field, 1914

The image above is a diagram for the new L.H. Severance Athletic Field, which was under construction in its current location. Every form of equipment for athletics had been provided for. Space was proposed for baseball, track, football, stadium,…


Four Women on Golf Course at Country Club, 1914-1915

This photo features four women on a golf course between two greens. The flags for the two holes were visible. The college power plant, the Gymnasium, and Kauke can be seen in the background above, on the hill. This appears to be at the location for…


Louis H. Severance, Trustee

This is a photo of Mr. Louis H. Severance. The photo was accompanied with a poem-In Loving Memory. The photo was found in between p. 6 & 7. He was a trustee from NY, and the president of Board of Trustees when he died June 25, 1913. Severance…


Women Tennis Champions, 1919-1920

The photograph is of two women tennis players: Katie Parsons(left) and Fannie Wright(right), 1919-1920. Parsons, a freshman, was the winner over Wright, a senior, in the final tennis championship, which was run by the Women's Athletic Board. These…


Cover Page, Girls' Athletics, 1919-1920.

This is the Cover Page for Girl's Athletics, 1919-1920. There is a drawing of a young woman in a bathing suit appearing to be leaning backward, to dive. She was centered in front of a circle with Girls' Athletics behind her. It was much less complex…


Women's Athletic Board, 1919-1920

This is a photo of the Women's Athletic Board. It features Frances Dillon (1922), Estella Jackson (1920), Fannie Wright (1920), Sarah Barlow (1920), Elizabeth Morrow (1920), Miss Ruth Conrow (Director of Physical Education) and Ruth Whittlesey…


Cover Page for Women's Athletics, 1917-1918

This is the cover page for Women's Athletics, 1917-1918. Drawing of three women in the background: one with a ball (football, rugby or basketball), one with hockey stick or golf club, and one with a tennis racquet. All were dressed in sailor tops,…


Freshmen Hockey Team, 1917-1918

The photograph features, the team photograph of the Freshmen Class Hockey Team. Individuals were dressed in sailor tops, scarfs, and bloomers with black stockings and athletic shoes. Coach Ruth Conrow was standing in the back row. The women in the…


Annual Exhibition Program, Women Gym Aides

The annual Exhibition Program by the Women Gym Aides for March 26, 1915, at 8:15 PM. Three groups of women performed in the program: preps, freshmen, and advanced, as well as combined groups. President Holden presented W's in the form of crossed…