The Scot Center

Once again, the College of Wooster outgrew the space it had for athletics and needed to expand. For over thirty years, there had been a need for an addition of an indoor track and a field house as well as more lockerroom space, particularly due to the rapid growth of the women's progams during the 1970's and 1980's. So, in 2010, the office pod of Armington Physical Education Center was removed to add on the new Scot Center. The Scot Center attached onto the south end of Armington and opened in January of 2012.

The highlight of the Scot Center is the Gault Recreation Center, which has an NCAA regulation 200-meter running track that includes enough space inside to accomodate four intramural courts or tennis courts. In addition, the Ruth W. and A. Morris, Jr. Fitness Center contains a full array of circuit training stations, aerobic equipment, and free weights. Additional space includes the spacious Richard J. Bell Lobby, offices and meeting rooms upstairs for the coaching and teaching staff, the Andrew Family Studio for dance and aerobic work, additional locker room space for men and women, and the James R. Wilson Governance Room.