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Cindy Bar Field

Aimee Zedlitz Manuevers Through Opponents, 1989

It appears Cindy Barr field was first used in the fall of 1969 for field hockey practices and games at that time. At the time the field was referred to as Wagner field or the field hockey field. The field is located on the north side of campus behind Wagner, Compton, and Babcock dormitories. The field was originally constructed in conjunction with the construction of the physical education center due to an increase in the demand for playing field space. Over the years several varsity and club teams have used the field for practice and competition, but field hockey has used the space most consistently over the past five decades.



1976 Field Hockey Team

In 1979 the field was renamed in memory of Wooster alumni Cindy Barr, a former field hockey and basketball player. Barr passed away August 4, 1978, shortly after her graduation from the college due to a car accident. Barr was was a four year basketball letterman where she supported the Scots on the court as a guard. Additionally she learned to play field hockey during her second year at wooster and went on to be a three letterman as the team’s goalkeeper. Her senior year, she was a captain for both the field hockey and basketball teams. Her athletic achievements brought her recognized as an outstanding athlete not only at the collegiate level, but also throughout her years in high school.


Liz Conrad Heads to Goal

Cindy Barr field was also used by the Women’s lacrosse field for some time. Women’s lacrosse was introduced as a varsity sport at Wooster in  1971. The women’s lacrosse team used the field until the early 2000’s when they moved to Carl Dale field in order to accommodate for new field dimension requirements. Today the field is used, by numerous sports including football practices, quidditch, women’s rugby, and even certain field events in track & field.



Carl Dale Field

Talley Clyde Takes Free Kick on

Carl Dale Field (1998)

Carl Dale field was originally home to men’s soccer and men’s lacrosse. The field is located on the northeast corner of the physical education center, between Cindy Barr field and the baseball field. The field was built at the time the physical education center was being constructed in order to accomodate for the necessity of playing fields for varsity competition. The field was originally built to accommodate Men’s soccer and lacrosse. In 1985 the women’s varsity soccer also began using the field for practice as well as games. In the early 2000’s women’s lacrosse switched from playing on Cindy Barr field to Carl Dale due to a change in field regulations. Women’s lacrosse continued to play on Carl Dale until 2014, when they moved to Papp stadium field. Today men’s and women’s soccer continue to use the field on a regular basis.



The Carl Dale field is named for former Wooster soccer player Carl Dale. Dale was a first year student at Wooster when he unexpectedly passed away on October 4, 1967. Dale was playing in a Wooster soccer game when he perished due to heat exhaustion. The soccer field was built and named the Carl Dale Memorial Soccer and Lacrosse Field in the spring of 1969.

Galpin Memorial Park

Information on Cindy Barr Field and Carl Dale Field contributed by Cheyenne Gregg, Avery Parker, Sarah Padrutt, and Tanner Kaplan. (May 2018)