Collage of W.A.A. Sponsored Activities, 1940-41


This photo is a collage of six photos of W.A.A. sponsored activities. The first was basketball. Starting from the extreme left, Tooie Grove, Dill Kass, Jean Simmons, Alfie Gabriel, Martha McCreight, Ilene Smith. The six women at free throw lane, the grove at the line with the ball, about to attempt a foul shot. The women were dressed in a mix of one-piece gym suits or shorts and shirt. This was either a practice or an intramural game. Severance Gym. The second on was swimming. The image features Ann Melone, Nornie Dunlap, Carol Reed, Jean Loweth. The four women sit on the diving board in one piece swim suits. A basketball net was in the background for pool basketball. Severance Pool. The third modern dancers. The image features, Terry Stalker, Margie Ellis, Bunny Leach, Alice Forman. The four women were practicing a modern dance routine. One was wearing a long, loose dress, the other three seem to have on leotards with a matching color skirt over them. The fourth one was badminton. It shows Lois Wilson, Virginia Lewis, Mary Bonsall, Mary Wilcox playing doubles on a court. They were wearing a mix of gym suits or shorts with shirts. Next up is golf. The three women namely, Gwen Polen, Ruth Gensbigler, Doris Bennett were at a green, putting. Three balls can be seen on the green. The one farthest from the hole was putting, while one looks on and one holds the flag. The tennis courts can be seen in the background, so they were on the field that was below where Wagner will be built. All of the women wear skirts or jumpers, sweaters, and blouses. One was wearing Saddle shoes. L.C. Boles Golf Course. The sixth is tumbling. Clockwise from lower left is Jeanne Simmons, Dill Kass, Harriett Foster, Annarie Peters, Mitzie Howe, Mary Bonsall. The six women form a structure with two in shoulder stands with a player supporting them below, and two in the middle (one sitting on the shoulders of the other) supporting the feet of the two in a shoulder stand. Severance Gymnasium. Featured on p. 125 "'Fore! Darn, I sliced again.' The golfers are again hitting balls over the golf course. Gwen Polen, head of golf, putts to victory in the tournament… ‘It's a jump,' yells Miss Buccalo, and Jean Loweth and her basketball players crowd around. The team makes a trip to Akron U, and, much to everybody's surprise, defeats the Akron girls…'Hit the birdie.' It's not as inhumane as it sounds when Mary Wilcox, head of badminton, yells it. Wilcox and McClellan again won the tournament…" continuing on p. 126 "‘Swim for the marathon,' is a familiar phrase, as Norie Dunlap, head of swimming tries to stir up interest in an interclass swimming race…Shadows on the wall- swaying figures- modern dance. Margie Ellis leads her dancers through weird and beautiful routines. The program, given in March, is proof of their fine work…It's Friday night and play night at the gym. Girls and fellows, date or dateless, enjoy the many sports offered on this night of fun. Sections hold swimming parties and volleyball games. The numbers increase with each play night."
The Women playing basketball were dressed in a mix of one-piece gym suits or shorts and shirt. The women who were swimming were wearing one-piece swimsuits. Modern dancers were wearing a long, loose dress and leotards with a matching color skirt over them. The women who were playing badminton were wearing a mix of gym suits or shorts with shirts. The golfers were wearing skirts or jumpers, sweaters, and blouses. One was wearing saddle shoes. The women who were Tumbling were wearing Gym suites.The Administrative Head was Kathleen Lowrie

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Collage of W.A.A. Sponsored Activities, 1940-41


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