Women's Athletics Staff & Program, 1930-31


The image above is of the Women's Athletics. Although Wooster College does not offer a major in Physical Education, her intramural program was well developed. Students had an opportunity to enjoy most of the sports offered in schools of physical education. Their activities included tennis, deck tennis, hockey, swimming, volleyball, hiking, archery, golf, basketball, baseball, track, and most altruistic of all- life-saving. These activities supervised by the Department were controlled by the Women's Athletic Board. The Department tried to encourage not only sportsmanship and skill but also friendship among the girls and a fondness for some sport that will be carried over to life after college. And by so doing we hope to instill into the heart of every girl that inexplicable something called the joy of living.The Coaches: Lowrie, Dillon, Ross, Avery. At the time Kathleen Lowrie was listed as an Assistant Professor of P.E. and has a BA from Northwestern. She was on leave the second semester. Dorothy Dillon was an Instructor with a B.S. in Ed. from Ohio State. Sibil Avery was an Assistant in PE with a B.A. from OWU. Myrtle Ross was an Assistant in PE with a B.A. from Wooster. It appeared that the women were now more likely to be teaching with four-year degrees instead of the two years from one of the Physical Education Schools traditionally attended in the East. The photos show all four women, the largest this department had been. The emphasis appeared to be moving toward individual sports with lifetime opportunities. Baseball was still preferred over softball. Friendships were also emphasized. The program was very broad-based.

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Women's Athletics Staff & Program, 1930-31


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