Women's Physical Education Program, 1953-1954


Dr. Maria Sexton department head and Mrs. William Rice joined Miss Buccalo and Miss Toops to fill the staff. A variety of activities were provided as required freshman and sophomore courses, opportunities to learn, improve and enjoy motor skills: golf, hockey, soccer, swimming, life-saving, tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, modern dance, and co-ed folk dance. Thirteen majors specialized in health, dance, and teaching and officiating in sports. The major program was designed for students entering professions or graduate school in occupational or physical therapy. There were two photos. Photo 1: Staff was gathered around two women with badminton rackets. Miss Buccalo, Miss Toops, Ann Anderson, Dotty Hinegarden and Dr. Sexton showed off the physical education departments tennis garb and gear. In photo 2, three women can be seen with one holding a bathing suit up in front of her. Blue, red or pea-green- those tank suites were the fancy dress for swimmers. Mrs. Rice found one for Caryl Triebig. Judy Williams was horrified. Maria Sexton was in her first year as Chair of the Department of Women's Physical Education. She will move the program from an intramural and club level toward competitive varsity sports teams by the mid-1960's. She would later be an inductee into the W Association HOF and the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. Some women in the first photo were wearing regular clothes like skirts and blouses while two of the women in the photo were wearing high waist gym shorts and t-shirts.The administrative head at the time was Maria Sexton.

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Women's Physical Education Program, 1953-1954


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