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Gal Sports Advocates Model for W.A.A. Style Show, 1941-42

This is a photograph of Athletic Style Show Models. They appeared to be wearing clothing for skiing, and golf. It looked like the back of Babcock. Gloria Parker, Marnie Thomas, and Gwen Polen were models for a Women's Athletic Association style show.…


Girls' Athletics: No Sissy Program!, 1947-48

The image above was titled, "Girls' Athletics. No Sissy Program: Over 50 per Cent of women Take Part in 11 Extra-curricular Sports." Wooster's co-eds have long been chided by fellows about their quaint gym suits and sissy rules. The girls had an…


Aerial Photo of the Campus, 1940-41

This is a two-page view of an aerial photo of the campus in 1940-41. The golf course can be seen in the area behind Babcock and a set of tennis courts were visible where Wagner will be located. Also, note the baseball field was still in the bowl to…


Collage of W.A.A. Sponsored Activities, 1940-41

This photo is a collage of six photos of W.A.A. sponsored activities. The first was basketball. Starting from the extreme left, Tooie Grove, Dill Kass, Jean Simmons, Alfie Gabriel, Martha McCreight, Ilene Smith. The six women at free throw lane, the…


Unlike Men's Sports, Girl's [sic] Sports Still Active, 1943-44

The letter writes, “Back from Spring vacation and we are on the last lap. The girls' athletics have been quite prominent on campus this year—usual hikes to the cabin, intramurals in swimming, basketball, and volleyball plus an all-star game with Lake…


W.A.A. Board and Members, 1945-1946

This is a photo of W.A.A. Board and Members for 1945-1946. W.A.A. oversaw all intramural and recreational sports opportunity for women during this era. This photo was under the section of the Physical Education Department, which was divided into…


Women Playing Volleyball, 1942-43

Wooster Co-eds mobilized with Red Cross Life Saving Classes and the Council for Physical Fitness. This is a photo of women playing volleyball. All were wearing one piece gym suits with skirts, and shorts or bloomers underneath. There were seven women…


Women Playing Field Hockey, 1942-43

The photo above is of seven women playing field hockey on Wagner field. The woman in the center had just lifted the ball through the space between the two players in front of her. The ball was visible just leaving the frame on the lower right-hand…


Wooster Meets Lake Erie in Girl's Basketball, 1943-44

The picture above was captioned, "Wooster Meets Lake Erie." The girls from Lake Erie College at Painesville invaded the Wooster campus this year for one of the most exciting basketball games seen here in a long time. The game was nip and tuck all the…